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Niarra organises travel for high end clients to a curated selection of the world’s most exceptional destinations with an important point of difference: the purpose is not just to make tourism sustainable but to ensure that it has a measurably positive impact – on local communities, wildlife, and conservation efforts.


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Sustainability has long been a concern for the travel industry and many brands are trying hard to mitigate tourism’s negative effects. Niarra takes this ambition to a different level. By specialising in trips for high spending clients and redistributing a major part of commissions earned, Niarra is fulfilling the vision around which the brand was created: to make a positive difference to the communities, destinations, and wildlife in areas in which they operate.

However, whilst the brand’s philanthropic purpose is becoming an increasingly important purchasing consideration for the type of customer that Niarra wishes to attract, this needs to be balanced against a somewhat broader range of needs and motivations. Amongst other things, this includes providing a window to adventure, privileged access, creating an opportunity for customers to ‘’write their own story’’ and plenty of luxury touches.

Our challenge was to frame the brand story and these customer benefits in a way that would heighten relevance and stand out visually before committing media investment to help accelerate growth.

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An audit of the brand and the competitive landscape drew on a combination of our understanding of luxury travel supplemented with a detailed analysis of recent quantitative research which provided insights regarding our HNW audiences prevailing travel preferences and use of social media.

This was all translated into a refreshed narrative aimed at achieving a greater differentiation in the market, highlighting aspects of the offer that appeal most directly to HNWI’s and framing them in the more relatable ways.

In addition to providing strategic consultancy and media planning, mr.h is responsible for developing creative assets for paid advertising and a visual direction for the brand, helping to improve and ensure strategic relevance for content across other touchpoints such as organic social.

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Despite the rarified, UHNWI audience that we are targeting, the paid social campaign is producing qualified leads very cost-effectively and driving large volumes of traffic to the website. This has tangibly contributed to every sales targets being exceeded since the business’s inception. We have constantly evolved and are always in a process of iteration, tinkering with both creative and targeting. As well as achieving low CPC in 2024, we also gained brand recognition of 25% versus the industry average of just 8.1%.

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