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Sussex Modern works across the traditional political, geographic and sector borders to develop Sussex’s image and encourage high-value, self-guided tourism through increased awareness of the county’s cultural, landscape and viticulture experiences. Its defining characteristic is that looks and behaves like a contemporary lifestyle publisher rather than a tourism brand.


Art Direction
Influencer Marketing
Social Media & Branded Content
TV-Film & Video Production


The aim is to increase visitation by high-value audiences: inspiring people to curate their own Sussex Modern experience. Our role is to drive engagement across all of the brands’ social channels and website.

This involves helping to determine strategy, media planning and buying and creating content that reflects the brand’s position as a celebration of Sussex’s contribution to modern culture.


Combining an eye for beauty with a healthy measure of creative irreverence, advertising for Sussex Modern is directed mainly towards London. Londoners interested in heritage and the arts aren’t short of options, but cultural richness in the capital has bred a readymade audience of people who are highly receptive to arts-inspired propositions and who live only an hour away from Sussex – perfect for a day trip or a weekend away.

The advertising is designed to pique interest by challenging perceptions of what Sussex is, and of what it offers.

The glue that joins everything, from the character of the creatively minded people that have shaped the personality of the County, to the mindset of the visitors’ that we wish to attract, is individualism.


By avoiding typical tourism tropes and instead adopting an advertising approach that is surprising, thought provoking, irreverent and fun, Sussex Modern feels more like a movement than a government office.

We aim to demonstrate to our audiences that Sussex is a place of natural beauty, with a hip new boutique scene, buzzing galleries, and a cultural heritage that was, and still is, being shaped by unconventional thinkers. A destination for a cool crowd who want to escape the conventional.

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