Luxury Brand & Lifestyle Marketing

Everyone should be able to enjoy a bit of luxury and we help our clients to reach out to many different audiences with a dream to fulfil.


As an agency specialising in the luxury sector we understand what makes a brand desirable: the functional attributes like the craftsmanship, the design and the technology, and the emotional ones such as self-assertion, differentiation and a genuine appreciation for product excellence.

 mr.h’s marketing campaign produced for a luxury and lifestyle brand the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket designed to make its consumers smile.  

Food Meets Fashion - Harvey Nichols

Food meets fashion, with a liberal sprinkling of humour as an added ingredient.

Press ads, postcards, in-store merchandise, Royal Wedding Mugs, Regal Tupperware boxes – all of our work for the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket is designed to make you smile.


#BrilliantlyInLove - Harry Winston

Digital marketing is a great way for new luxury brands to communicate their message and target high net worth audiences.

The #BrilliantlyInLove campaign was produced to promote Harry Winston's range of engagement and wedding rings and launched in various in-store locations including Harrods. 



The lifestyle marketing campaign #brilliantlyInLove produced by mr.h for a luxury brand Harry Winston.  

Capturing the Moment - Cayman Islands

Designed to appeal to a strong female audience, mr.h produced a range of films containing tantalising glimpses of the sort of luxury holiday experiences that the Cayman Islands offer.

The films proved extremely popular gaining fantastic results across social media and was awarded Best Campaign at the Travel Marketing Awards


PR Photoshoot - Heyland & Whittle

Luxury lifestyle brand Heyland & Whittle turned to mr.h to produce their portfolio of PR photography for use online and other PR activities. 






The portfolio of PR photography produced by mr.h for a luxury and lifestyle brand Heyland & Whittle.