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jewellery for the eco-conscious

Taking a bold stance on ethical luxury, Decarde is a fine luxury jewellery brand that produces expertly crafted pieces using responsibly sourced lab grown diamonds and recycled precious metals.


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Securing a foothold in the luxury sector is a challenge for any new brand because it must start without the advantages that the established houses have accumulated in terms of awareness and brand associations: sometimes over hundreds of years. So, when Decarde asked us to provide an identity, an eCommerce website and a package of marketing activity to support the launch, we were well aware of the obstacles ahead.



Despite the challenges Decarde comes to market with an interesting story. It can speak about heritage and craft skills with conviction because the founder comes from a family with a long history in the jewellery trade – important in a sector where consumers are paying for artisanal talent.

Meanwhile, the luxury sector is no different to many others in that consumers are increasingly turning to brands that display a strong social purpose, so aesthetics aside, a compelling reason to identify with the Decarde brand lies in its commitment to using local talent to produce beautiful pieces without imposing a burden on the planet, or indirectly, fuelling exploitation or conflict.

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Building the brand around these two attributes and letting the design of the products speak for themselves lies at the heart of the strategy that we developed.

With the vision, target audience and communication objectives clearly defined work began with logo development (a refinement of a pre-existing design), copywriting, web design and development, e-commerce integrations, product photography, email design, social media design and more.

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