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Since our appointment as the Cayman Islands’ lead agency for Europe in 2006, we have helped grow tourism to the islands year on year. In 2018, in a measure to boost numbers even further, the Department of Tourism for the islands took their most ambitious marketing step to date, airing their first TV ad in the UK.


Art Direction
TV-Film & Video Production


travIn collaboration with British Airways, the Cayman Islands wanted to offer their UK market a tantalising glimpse of the luxury holiday experience that would await them on the islands. In addition to a 60-second TV advertisement, we were tasked with creating a 30-second edit for in-flight TV plus a series of 15-second films for social media that focused on specific themes such as dining, wellness and nature.


As there were many objectives to consider, we required a creative solution that achieved the best possible results for each deliverable.

As a once-in-a-lifetime travel destination, our primary aims were to make each film ultra luxurious and to create desire in the most visceral way possible.

With the help of film production company, Beast London, we set about capturing a selection of highly sensuous moments, the islands providing the perfect backdrop for each scene. From the gentle caress of sand underfoot to the euphoria of swimming in the rain, the idea was to evoke the true holiday spirit.

Featuring lush footage of a young couple indulging this state of mind, the 60-second TV and 30-second in-flight ads are complete with a sumptuous voice over – carefully written and delivered to appeal to our core female audience.

Filmed in photo sonic high-speed slow motion, a series of twelve 15-second social films capture each ‘moment’ in isolation and were designed to enhance each sensation further. A calm break for any social feed.


The campaign launched on social media, with our set of 15s creatives running for an initial period of two weeks. The best performing assets were then used for prospecting and a running order for sequential messaging agreed. Viewers who had watched a minimum of 50% of one of the films were served up to three other executions including the full 60’ version, a tactic that proved highly successful.

Viewers of the full-length films watched them on average between 1.3 and 1.7 times depending on execution.

Campaign statistics

Against the initial £40K spend the campaign generated 892,476 views and thanks to a modest top-up, that figure eventually exceeded 1 million. In addition, the campaign generated 79,892 clicks to the Cayman Islands website.

The TV phase of the campaign reported similarly impressive figures. Pre and post campaign analysis suggests that the 60’ TV advert achieved a net positive sentiment rating of  +67%, a + 31% association with luxury and a + 100% booking consideration.

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