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As social media savvy creatives, it was a natural onboarding when tasked with developing an international artist community of influencers in collaboration with Chameleon Art Products.


Influencer Marketing
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Appointed in 2019 to manage influencer marketing on behalf of Chameleon Art Products, the ask was to increase brand awareness and share of voice amongst competitors, drive positive consumer sentiment and improve brand health, as well as add to the creative content portfolio.


First Quarter Highlights

We quickly got to work developing a strategic line up of nano, micro and hero influencers from around the world. Fifteen contracts were secured the first month across a range of relevant artistic disciplines based on their engagement rates, commissioning work to be shared with their audiences that highlighted the product’s possible uses courtesy of the unique and innovative qualities of the brand tools.

By month two, we increased our efforts for the launch of a new product, contracting over twenty artists for a well-rounded lineup of multi-disciplined content creators, producing in-feed images, videos, IGTV tutorials, stop motion and animated graphics as well as Instagram Stories to share with their followers.

Artist call-to-actions included driving traffic to the Chameleon Art Products Instagram as well as featuring an Instagram Story Highlight with links to the brand website.

Month three presented a great opportunity with the popularity of #Inktober, an annual four-week ink challenge trending throughout the month of October within the arts community.

To capitalise on the increased engagement, we tripled our frequency of Instagram Stories on the Chameleon Art Product’s own page due to their effectiveness, featuring influencer artwork to drive positive associations with the brand’s existing followers.

Social Content


Through the use of sophisticated social listening tools, we recorded a significant 9% increase in brand share of voice within the US and 8% in the UK within just the first month of conducting influencer activity.

On Instagram alone, Chameleon saw a massive 11% increase in share of voice amongst competitors and a 5% increase in brand health.

In regards to content reach and impressions, the first month’s creative videos went viral, finding its way onto Tik Tok garnering over 3.5 million likes and trending on Australian Twitter’s ‘Fun’ category, receiving over 32 million views.

Excluding the viral content, the first three of months of artist influencer activity resulted in a reach of over 4.7 million people.

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