Tour Operator & Carrier Marketing

Online retail advertising for tour operators and carriers.


We’ve planned and executed hundreds of direct response campaigns for a wide range of travel brands.

Online has become the dominant channel for this activity, but the range of targeting and creative opportunities has opened up massively, so it’s no longer a binary choice between digital display or paid search – the most cost-effective conversions often come through social channels and especially from audiences who have been retargeted after engaging with other brands, or destination-specific content.

Whether your requirement is to promote route and price, inclusive packages, or off-peak offers we can offer cost-effective solutions based on extensive hands-on experience.

Tour Operator Marketing campaign produced by mr.h for British Airways, an award-winning destination and travel marketing agency.

Tour Operator Marketing - British Airways

This campaign utilised a range of stunning short videos delivered to target audiences across various social platforms. With a rise in bookings of 333% over the previous year the results spoke for themselves!



Tour Operator Marketing campaign produced by mr.h for SAS, which consisted of two award nominated social media campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns - Scandinavian Airlines

'Norway has no nightlife' & 'Visit Nordlys' are two of the most recent award-nominated campaigns produced by mr.h for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Working in conjunction with Visit Norway, both campaigns aimed to promote specific travel routes within Norway as well as the destinations themselves.


Bringing The Fjords Closer - Widerøe

This campaign ran in Hamburg and Munich with two objectives: firstly, to raise awareness of Widerøe’s new flight connections to Bergen and secondly, to drive consideration of a visit.