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Meet the faces and discover the places that will make Oslo move in 2020.


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2020 represents a significant year for Norway’s capital. With a number of highly-anticipated cultural openings, events and anniversaries to commemorate, our task was to reflect the buzz around the city and build anticipation further across social media.

This big-budget production involved a number of various stakeholders; including the city’s tourism board as well as a number of the city’s most significant cultural institutes.


Oslo is a city of contrasts: it’s the fastest developing capital in Europe, yet take a walk around and you’ll find it hard to recognise this. Public spaces have been purposefully designed to encourage people to slow down: saunas float on the fjord, people sunbathe on the city’s Opera House. Moreover, the city’s close proximity to nature means its citizens can easily escape their urban environment and enjoy more peaceful surrounds.

This tension formed the insight for our film: the overarching message being that no matter what your pace, Oslo is a city anyone can enjoy on their own terms. Within this, we wanted to showcase the region’s energetic and vibrant arts scene as well as convey the very palpable sense of optimism and pride it’s people hold for the city and its ever-evolving cultural identity.

Once the idea had been conceptualised, storyboarded and scripted, we partnered with local production company, Babusjka to cast, location scout and ultimately bring our vision to life. Following weeks of recording and editing, the film was released across social media on New Year’s Day.


Exposed for the first time shortly before the arrival of Covid 19, the film was attracting high levels of engagement and lots of positive comment, including from our peers in the advertising industry where it quickly achieved 1st place on The Drum Creative Works Leaderboard, However, due to the curtailment of travel created by the pandemic it was not until 2022 that the campaign was able to resume. Fortunately its message is as relevant today as it was then and it still serves as a compelling exposition of the cultural attractions and lifestyle that Oslo has to offer the visitor

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