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I was only 20 years old when I left my native Sweden behind to look for adventure in far-flung places. I spent my twenties chasing lofty dreams in Hollywood, but always went home for a visit at least a couple of times a year. Like so many of us, I took travel for granted.

Fast forward a few years (just a few, let’s leave it at that), and I am now the proud mum of a young daughter who was born in London to a Swedish mum and an American dad. Spending time with family has never felt more important, as we try to weave cultures and time zones to keep us all close and connected. And I took travel for granted.

At mr.h, when a brief comes in from one of our destination clients, we can let our creative minds go wild. We’ve shot ads on Caribbean beaches, Norwegian mountain tops, and everywhere in between. Nothing can hold us back (except adhering to the client budget, of course, we’re very good at that). We took travel for granted.

My parents are still in Sweden, but share my undying love for London and usually come for a visit a few times a year. It’s always a whirlwind of activity when they come; sights to see, cuddles to give, meals to share. And it’s some of the best times. We took travel for granted.

And now, Christmas is around the corner. Normally we’d pack too many presents into too few suitcases and spend the festive season in a (sometimes) snowy Sweden, surrounded by family, love, and festive cheer. The undisputed highlight for my daughter and niece is when Santa knocks on the door. You see, since Sweden is so close to the North Pole, he actually visits on Christmas Eve and hands out presents in person. Now if that doesn’t make you believe in Santa, I don’t know what will. Of course, that’s not happening this year. Santa will still come, but he will have to visit by Zoom. And as stressful as Christmas travel can be, I will miss it sorely. I took it for granted.

And so, when the world does start turning and we can travel again, I know exactly where we’ll go. To a small town in Southern Sweden to hug my mum and dad. And I won’t take it for granted.