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my top 5 mr.h moments

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In no particular order, as we come up to my third spring workiversary in adland at mr.h, take a stroll with me down memory lane with just a handful of fun projects and people!

Influencer marketing at scale — established an online community ahead of a product launch showcasing a brilliantly unique range of creative disciplines.

Working with over 30 unique and multi-talented artists on many months’ worth of creative content generation was exciting from the start. Think drafting mood boards and making contact with agents and artists themselves, briefing and brainstorming, and finally seeing the vision come to life!

As a creator myself, I have a strong affinity for multi-dimensional artists, and as the client happily provided innovative tools to share amongst talent throughout Europe and beyond (plus a healthy budget as we all know ‘exposure doesn’t pay the bills’), it was my pleasure to reach out and support the craft of so many whilst also building a community online, lending to my client’s critical KPIs such as growth in *SOV alongside an audit of the brand image in the lead up to and whilst launching a new product.

From flipbook animation and holiday-themed illustrations to mandalas, mixed media installations, and bujo journals, the creativity was endless and the engagement soared. Better yet for me, however, with control of the Instagram Stories and by re-sharing the community’s work, we were able to not only support small artist accounts but also entice others to share their Chameleon creations, further spreading awareness and drawing in more users to acquire a set for themselves, pun intended.

*To learn more about your brand’s opportunity to increase Share of Voice (SOV) amongst competitors as well as improve your brand’s health and consumer sentiment through our social listening offering, get in touch.

Featured on the trending ‘Fun’ category of Twitter Australia including multiple viral TikToks totalling ~90M views.

Leading the squad of 10+ creators for simply the first month’s design theme, our hero influencer with the largest following of 600k+ across a number of channels published to Twitter and TikTok ‘oddly satisfying’ videos of the pen’s unique capabilities, transitioning between a number of colours customised by the artist. The twist was when she draws outside the lines just as the colourful creation is soon to be complete, testing the patience of all those watching.

The Twitter video saw upwards of 30 million views while the TikTok(s), of which there are a healthy handful of quirky clips, has continued to see great results thanks to a favourable algorithm and the ‘evergreen’ nature of the content. The engagement received has been exceptional and with an additional 59.8 million views and counting — all thanks to influencer marketing — it was a brilliant project to work on!

Explore some of the TikToks for yourself here.

Hired and mentored an intern turned full-time team member (whoop whoop!) and friend, now collaborating for 2+ years.

Our Creative Content intern now Creative Content Strategist, Kristina Sikorskaja, like myself coincidentally enough, has an academic background in digital media and culture as well as an MSc in Luxury Brand Management. Amongst dozens of job applications, her completed exercise stood out for its intellectual insight and creativity landing her the gig.

Since 2018, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with her on a number of projects, from Visit Norway’s niche Ski Touring Norway community Instagram account to landing new client pitches with detailed case studies and expert knowledge. In 2019, I nominated Kristina to be recognised by *Badass.Gal for her contributions to our work as her dedication and willingness to get stuck in has played a pivotal role in our award-winning indie agency (and in making my life a whole lot easier)!

You can read more from Kristina on topics such as Organic Isn’t DeadEmerging Travel Trends, and her series on Rebuilding Travel in 2021.

* is a UK-based organisation supporting women in the creative industry where often the gender balance is not equal in an effort to highlight their achievements thus far and empower the future generation of advertising students, artists, and entrepreneurs alike.

Photos from 2019 and 2020 Travel Marketing Awards

Leading our scrappy dynamic duo to great heights, we also established a high-end look and feel across all brand channels for a core luxury travel client, including all content generation and community engagement supported by paid advertising, ultimately resulting in a 30% increase in revenue AND bookings as well as a 50% increase in the average booking value.

Aside from the increased clientele engagement and subsequent enquiries, especially during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic securing a future for the small business, there was also immense satisfaction in seeing a clear before and after of the brand’s evolution in aesthetic, followed by a dramatic increase in outreach by influencers themselves wanting to secure a stay through a collaboration — one of which happened to be fashion and luxury lifestyle writer Jenny Cipoletti, with a captivated audience of over half a million.

You can read Jenny’s travel journals to Italy with The Luxury Travel Book on her blog, featuring titles such as Under The Tuscan Sun and her Carefully Curated Guide to Florence.

Recognised as a Rising Star from an agency at The Travel Marketing Awards — our last industry event in 2020 before lockdown!

For a number of years the mr.h team have been loyal attendees of the TTMA’s. We love the camaraderie of fellow travel and advertising industry experts, the passion and ingenuity behind the creative local and international campaigns, and the bubbly of course!

After mr.h won Best Use of Social at the 2017 TTMA’s for the Visit Norway campaign, Sheep with a View, and then shortlisted again for not only one but three awards in 2019 against the top players in the industry for Best use of Video / Film, Best Digital Agency and again Best Use of Social, walking home with yet another Gold in Social Media for Innovation Norway x SAS for the Visit Nordlys campaign, we were naturally hooked!

So when spring 2020 rolled around and none-the-wiser to the impending sanctions to travel ironically enough, we excitedly attended our last industry event one year ago this month — and for me, it was a special one.

I had been personally shortlisted as a Rising Star from an ad agency (!!) thanks to my team’s encouragement to submit a detailed account of my efforts and although I didn’t take home the gold, the recognition was more than enough to fuel me through this most recent year of madness.

Each morning I sign on with the framed reminder on my desk of the better days we are all so desperately looking forward to and ultimately the value I’ve continued to provide to my clients through some of their potentially most difficult periods. As a small yet mighty team, my relationship with clients are close ones and I’m genuinely chuffed to bits to collaborate with each and every contact on a finite level, so when that dedication is celebrated, I couldn’t be more grateful.

2020 Travel Marketing Awards

mr.h was also shortlisted in 2020 for a PR / Experiential Stunt aka #TimeFreeZone and the Olso is Rubbish series in Best Use of Video / Film.

You can read more on the TTMA’s, from How to Win at The Travel Marketing Awards and Travel Marketing Awards Time as told by the mr.h Founder on our blog.

Landed THREE new clients during this aptly coined ‘unprecedented’ year.

You read that right as we’ve been very fortunate to connect with a great number of brands looking to collaborate, however as many struggled to keep up with the changing landscape of their respective industries, it was three shining stars that stood out from the rest.

Speaking to our high-end travel expertise, @LuxuryLondonGuy was welcomed to our client roster in 2020 with the aim to be front of mind for UHNWIs looking to get away. The ask was to build awareness and trust with consumers for when borders reopened, for, as the name infers, our client specialising in bespoke stays for 5* travellers — a particular niche we are very familiar with. The results saw a reach upwards of 185k people in just x3 months using a highly targeted strategy, hundreds of new email subscribers ensuring direct contact with a warm lead for when travel restrictions loosen, plus thousands of website views (and users to retarget), and over two dozen enquiries for more information (not least during a highly unusual moment in history).

Another layer of our offering, specifically our experience working with luxury fashion brands lent us to also landing the House of Kristensen couture brand, Isabell Kristensen. This exciting win for mr.h not only includes a full website refresh but also film making, paid social advertising as well as organic strategy and execution. Stay tuned for more!

The third and most recent client win I’m afraid can’t yet be revealed, but to give a hint, mr.h is no stranger to a tourist board and a dynamic community-driven one at that, soon to be perfectly placed on our roster of exceptional clientele. An announcement is on its way so keep an eye out on our social media and get in touch if you too want to take control of 2021.