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norway has no nightlife

All the fun under the sun, summers in Norway promise adventures in nature, limitless culture and amazing dining experiences... just don’t expect any nightlife.


Art Direction
TV-Film & Video Production


The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs every summer throughout Norway. Our challenge was to showcase the country’s stunning scenery, vibrant destinations and iconic summer light on social media.


Night takes on an entirely different form during Norway’s summer months. Large parts of the country will experience nothing but daylight for the duration of the season, giving people the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

With this in mind, we set about creating a series of social media films which gave light to the breadth of experience awaiting visitors, all with the promise that Norway has no nightlife.


Norway Has No Nightlife managed to reach an impressive 2.8 million unique users across our three markets (UK, US and Germany), all targeted based on their interests and likely affinity to Norway.

Beyond this, it is estimated to have achieved more than 5 million impressions (the number of people believed to have been exposed to the campaign) – a fantastic measure for the campaign’s virality. This exposure helped to contribute to a significant 5.4% rise in share of conversation for Scandinavian Airlines vs its competitors.

Campaign statistics

Ultimately, the campaign’s charm proved a massive hit with consumers and industry folk alike scoring an impressive 92% approval rating based on engagements, as well as top place on The Drum Creative Leaderboard and a nomination for Best Use of Film at the coveted 2019 Travel Marketing Awards

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