Media Planning & Buying

The return of the full-service agency?


If you would like us to recommend a suitable media partner for advertising in traditional media, digital display or PPC campaigns, we work with specialists whose expertise in these areas is unmatched.

However, when it comes to "paid social" advertising we are convinced that the most effective campaigns are conceived, planned and bought in the same place.

The level of detail that goes into the typical social plan combined with the need for constant evaluation and adjustment means that when the idea, channel strategy, content plan, audiences and KPI’s are all developed in the same room, at the same time, by the same team, the shorter lines of communication lead to better outcomes.

Speed of response is a factor too. When everything is in one place it’s easier to be reactive to what the data is telling us. Finally, buying clout isn’t a consideration because there’s no price negotiation with Facebook or Instagram, so there’s no advantage in employing a big media agency to do this for you.

An increasing number of our clients subscribe to this view and rely on our in-house team to run their social media programmes from end to end — with impressive results and low overheads.

Ironically, this is how agencies worked years ago. Perhaps one consequence of the spectacular growth of social platforms will be the return of the full-service agency?