Influencer Marketing

Influencers play an important role as the travel and luxury industries’ trendsetters.


However, working with influencers requires a shift from the traditional marketing mindset of prescriptive content, to a more open, collaborative approach.

The best influencers are not just advocates for destinations or brands, they are also great content producers and in our experience when campaigns are planned well they deliver reach and engagement at a lower cost than ‘paid’ social advertising.

Here are a few examples of campaigns from mr.h that have been influencer led or where influencer involvement has been used to successfully amplify other activity.

The Luxury Travel Book

The Luxury Travel Book offers luxury villas and apartments to rent around the world. Targeting a discerning audience of professional elites and self-made entrepreneurs, the brand competes with the likes of OneFineStay and Le Collectionist but despite appearances is a small family-owned business.

To establish itself in new terrain and remain competitive, the first TLTB influencer collaboration consisted of still imagery, video, as well as written pieces courtesy of Jenny Cipoletti, the style expert and voice behind Margo & Me.


Cayman Islands

As part of our wider remit to position The Cayman Islands as a high-end lifestyle brand, we work extensively with social influencers and arrange hosted trips which have delivered significant lifts in the share of conversation against key competitors.



Chameleon Art Products

Since our appointment in June 2019, we have committed significant effort in researching, approaching, negotiating and coordinating with artists commissioned for Instagram influencer collaboration activity on behalf of our client, Chameleon Art Products.

With over 25 artists in just under 3 months generating over 28 million impressions, and new product launch on the horizon, influencer marketing in this sector has proven incredibly successful and highly cost-effective.

More details to come...


Artwork featured by Polina Bright

Visit Nordlys

Tasked with the challenge of positioning Northern Norway as the ultimate destination to experience the Northern Lights we conceived the idea of a destination so magical that it is hard to discern fact from fiction.

To bring this world to life we handpicked a team of influencers to capture and share the magic of ‘Nordlys’ via social media, and as a result, Northern Norway experienced its highest search volume in 5 years and the campaign won gold for Best use of Social Media at The Travel Marketing Awards.