By Trevor Heley | mrh london | 23/07/2021

domestic tourism appointment for mr.h

mr.h is delighted to confirm that we are joining Sussex Modern's agency roster, working alongside PR specialists Gemma Bell and design studio, Playne Design.  Sussex Modern is a lifestyle proposition which celebrates the County's unique contribution to modern culture and aims to attract independent, high value, self-guided tourism to the region. 

County Marketing Agency

With a focus on art, landscape and viticulture, a modern aesthetic and an independent point of view, Sussex Modern is unique amongst place brands in that it looks and behaves like a lifestyle publisher.

Our role is to help Sussex Modern reposition and strengthen perceptions of Sussex and support the long term vision to be globally recognised. We will be targeting an audience that is highly engaged in the arts, showing Sussex through a creative eye and perpetuating an identity that is highly crafted, considered and premium. In addition to helping to develop brand strategy, mr.h is already working on film production, social media and web development. 

Written by: TREVOR HELEY
In an advertising career that has spanned more years than he would ever be prepared to disclose, Trevor founded mr.h with Luis back in 2006 to focus on travel and luxury brands. On the exceptionally rare occasions when he’s not at his desk, he’ll be found waist-deep in a fishing lake. On even rarer occasions, you might even find him with a catch!