culture clash. 

What happened when four of Norway’s most promising musical talents clashed with the country’s most accomplished composer and pianist, Edvard Grieg. 


Debuted in 1867, Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt and its score - composed by the legendary composer Edvard Grieg - remains the country’s most performed play, and is recognised the world over. Our task was to mark its 150th anniversary by bringing it to a whole new generation by giving it a modern twist.


To achieve this, four young musicians representing a wide spectrum of genres were identified to ‘recompose’ their favourite Greig piece, resulting in some fantastically engaging films.
With the aim of the project designed to shift perceptions of Norway (particularly among the younger demographic) our next challenge was how to reach our audience in the most meaningful way.

Using Grieg as a hook, we mixed and edited the classic composer’s music with the fresh material to create a series of ads for social media. This contrast was designed to pique the interest of consumers across our targeting platforms, leaving them wanting more. As a result, they’d then hop to the Visit Norway site to watch the full video and explore more.

To reach the most relevant people across our American, British and German markets, we split our targeting groups into three sections - genre, interest, persona - to be placed on Facebook (primary), Instagram (secondary), and YouTube (secondary).


Within a month, our ads reached in excess of 3.8m unique users across the three markets.

In this same period, we drove more than 100k clicks, achieving an impressive CTR of 2.6% - compared to an industry average of 1.8%.

Another measure well worth considering were video views. In total, our series collected an impressive 1,081,235 video views (minimum 3 seconds), amounting to an equivalent of nearly 5,000 hours of playtime, or 205.5 days!

As a result of the campaign’s success, a second series of Culture Clash films were commissioned pitching the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch against four more aspiring musical acts.


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