making norway.

A country is much more than the borders that define it. A country is the sum of its culture, traditions, stories... its people. This series explores the people that make Norway, Norway. Because, just as people make a country, a country makes its people. 


We were commissioned by Visit Norway to produce a series of short-form documentary films for the prestigious Frankfurt International Book Fair in October 2019. The films would later be edited shared across social media. The objective of the series was to shine a light on the lesser-known aspects of Norwegian culture, its people and traditions


Our role was to find a subject for each film, to formulate a narrative, feature the most engaging storytellers and identify the best documentary-makers to bring our vision to life. With the help of Einar Films, we developed four short films that focused on four very different Norwegian themes.

From the inspiring vision of Norway’s King Harald and the country’s plans for a keyless society to their people’s obsession with Slow TV and traditional food production methods, each story documented how these philosophies, fascinations and traditions inform their society as a whole.


Making singular claims about the performance of a campaign that was bought across several markets in a number of different currencies and with different targeting parameters is difficult, but we can point to some highlights, such as:

- In the UK, the Youtube view-through rate (VTR) was 53% (vs 38% goal)
- In the US, the VTR for the King’s Speech film on Facebook was 19.2% compared with our benchmark of 8%
- While, in Holland a remarkable 38.75% of those exposed to the film engaged with the posts.

Perhaps, the quickest and most effective measure of the campaign’s overall success is the number of views and engagements the series achieved as a whole.

Having set an ambitious target of 2.9 million views across all markets, the campaign far exceeded expectations - achieving a total number of 8.3 million, a figure that amounts to more than four years of consumed content. Further, with over 155,000 clicks, shares, likes and comments across the series, Making Norway proved to be hugely popular with viewers.

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