using paid social to reach hnw audiences.

The pandemic continues to hit global tourism hard, but despite ever-increasing challenges, finding demand for exceptional travel experiences is still possible, as our work for this inspirational client shows.

Luxury Brand Lead Generation Agency


Travel is on 'hold' for most of us but the global rich still have the wherewithal to find sanctuary, escape or adventure almost anywhere in the world. Their requirements are often complex but with the right help they continue to live, work and play in many different locations. @londonluxuryguy is a boutique travel agency that specialises in servicing HNW and UHNW clients and makes this lifestyle possible.

Our role is to find these high-spending potential clients and to generate enquiries using a highly targeted paid social strategy.

We address our ads unashamedly towards the top 1% by wealth, recognising their unique position, their taste for rarified travel opportunities and determination to seek out the best of everything despite the difficulties that Covid imposes.  

The communications plan allows@londonluxuryguy to make an emotional connection with this audience - talking to them on a level that acknowledges their lifestyle and offers them reassurance that they will be looked after by someone who understands what makes them tick.

A combination of careful targeting and considered content helps to pre-qualify 'leads' meaning that only those with potential to be valuable repeat clients are likely to call. It also helps us to build tightly defined audiences for retargeting, to create lookalike audiences for more efficient prospecting and allows us to build significant brand awareness for a modest outlay.

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