TV, Film & Video Production

Storytelling for a screen-based culture.


The rise of online viewing across a range of different platforms and devices has increased the importance of the moving image and changed the way that we tell stories.

But it is still human nature to respond more profoundly to emotionally-based communications and film provides the perfect platform to make these connections, whether that’s for conventional TV, online content, social media marketing, or even outdoor advertising placements many of which are now short-form films.


Piccadilly Lights - OMEGA

Films for OMEGA are re-imagined from assets provided. We often add animation and graphics to raw film or still photography to reflect the luxury and sophistication of the brand. The final product is used for a number of different purposes including out of home sites, online marketing and in-store display.


Oslo is Rubbish - Visit Oslo

One of a series of short films made for Visit Oslo. The objective was to increase interest in the destination by showing the world some of the city’s ‘green’ activities and attractions – proving that sustainable choices are easy to make without moralising.




Influencer Marketing Content

mr.h plans and manages influencer marketing programmes for many different clients. When the client is a destination, influencer trips are often accompanied by a dedicated videographer who is briefed to shoot material for our clients owned media and the influencers’ own channels.

This film for Cayman Islands is an example of this output.

Capturing the Moment - Cayman Islands

Designed to appeal to our core female audience, this is one of a series of films showing tantalising glimpses of the sort of holiday experiences that the Cayman Islands offer.



Norway has no nightlife - Innovation Norway

This film was the main piece in a social media campaign that was designed to persuade an international audience (UK, US & Germany) to consider booking a summer getaway to Norway with Scandinavian Airlines. The reason to book? The endless days that Norway enjoys during the summer months.