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Rising above social mediocrity.


Social media is something that no brand can ignore. But there are lots of ways of using social and there is no one size fits all solution.

The different roles that social can play in a marketing strategy, how it integrates with other activity and the type of content that will ‘play’ well in the channel all have to be considered. And the possibilities are almost endless.

mr.h clients use social to achieve goals ranging from creating destination awareness and prospecting to helping to shape brand image and lead generation.

To plan, execute and evaluate social campaigns we use a range of tools that includes native insights as well as a suite of less commonly available software.

An influencer marketing campaign executed by mr.h for The Cayman Islands.  

Influencer Marketing - Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands Tourist board were keen to work with a selection of influential lifestyle and travel bloggers for an upcoming campaign and came to mr.h to overlook the project.

After an initial research process, a list of ten influencers was chosen based on their creative style, writing skills, photography, and social impact across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as their follower count, engagement rate, and majority audience demographic.


Norway has no nightlife - Innovation Norway

The 'Norway has no nightlife' campaign was a dual partner project with both the Norwegian Tourist Board and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

The campaign focused on the long summer days and subsequent endless possibilities when visiting Norway during the summer months. The campaign website featured some of Norway's key summer destinations and invited visitors to 'Fly to the Midnight Sun' with SAS. 


 mr.h’s digital marketing strategy for the luxury holiday rental service, TLTB, includes a highly visual social media content plan that is consistent in image style and tone of voice.

Social Media Management - The Luxury Travel Book

With a collection of stunning properties around the world and 5-star concierge services, it is essential The Luxury Travel Book reaches its discerning clients through the right channels and with the appropriate tone of voice.

As an agency specialising in the luxury sector we understand the huge impact social media marketing can have on a business of this nature. Our digital marketing strategy includes a highly visual social media content plan that is consistent in image style and tone of voice and communicated across various social platforms with both organic and paid content.

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Hallaien - Innovation Norway

Purpose shot for social media, this campaign was filmed using a ‘point of view’ style and clever transitions to take us through a day in beautiful Bergen, as locals greet us along the way.

Results: The films clearly resonated with their audience – 68% watched the films from beginning to end.