Social Media Video Campaign | Visit Oslo

Meet the faces and discover the places that will make Oslo move in 2020 in our new social film for Visit Oslo and Visit Norway.

Client Brief

2020 represents a significant year for Norway's capital. With a number of highly-anticipated cultural institutes opening their doors to the public - not to mention a calendar full of exciting events - our task was to reflect the buzz around the city.

Alongside showcasing the region's energetic and vibrant arts scene, the film also had to convey a sense of real optimism and - most importantly - make natives proud of their city's cultural offer.


Our Solution

Oslo is a city of contrasts.

It’s the fastest developing capital in Europe, yet the pace of life doesn’t always reflect this.

Public spaces have been purposefully designed to encourage people to slow down and Oslo's close proximity to nature means its citizens can easily escape the pressures of big-city living.

This tension formed the insight for our film and it was our intention to reflect that, no matter what your pace, Oslo is a city anyone can enjoy on their own terms. It's probably one of the many reasons why Norway is constantly ranked as one of the world's happiest countries.


The Results

It's too early to tell, but initial signs are extremely encouraging. Engagement has been high and the sentiment has been very positive. In addition to this, the film has been ranked 1st place on The Drum Creative Works Leaderboard!