Making Norway | Visit Norway

Proudly presenting Making Norway - a series of films for the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair, in partnership with Einar Films and Willy Nikkers on behalf of Visit Norway.

A country is much more than the borders that define it. A country is the sum of its culture, traditions, stories... its people. This series explores the people that Make Norway, and how Norway has shaped their creativity. Because just as people make a country... a country makes its people. 


Slow TV

In the first film of the series, we examined Norway's love affair with slow TV - a phenomenon which, at its peak, has seen a quarter of the population tune in. Make yourselves comfortable!


Taste The Picture

This film examined the country's rich food heritage and features a new wave of forward-thinking chefs that refer to the past to innovate an entirely new approach to food and food production. Warning: this film features scenes that some viewers may find delicious.


A Keyless Society

In Norway, nature belongs to everyone. They have a word for it: Allemannsratten. In this instalment of Making Norway, we examine how this philosophy runs through society, informing attitudes towards nature and public spaces.


The King's Speech

The final film in our Making Norway series celebrates a royally good speech and examines how a King's vision for a more inclusive society is fairing some three years later. Tissues at the ready!