Social Media Campaign | Hallaien

Norwegians are friendly, happy people – listed as the happiest in the world 2017, in fact. This is evident in every aspect of life, but perhaps most whilst enjoying Norway’s beautiful nature. Often, hikers greet each other with a friendly ‘Hei!’ (or ‘Hallaien!’ as they say in Bergen). Voluntarily greeting strangers may be a foreign concept to us Brits, but in friendly Norway, it’s second nature. When tasked with encouraging the US market to visit Bergen, what better way to introduce this amazing city than to let the locals say Hallaien for themselves... We joined forces with a Norwegian production team and headed out to meet the people who make Bergen so special. Purpose shot for social media, the films use a ‘point of view’ style and clever transitions to take us through a day in beautiful Bergen, as locals greet us along the

Results: The films clearly resonated with their audience – 68% watched the films from beginning to end.

The social media films, featuring the Fantoft Stave Church and the zipline tour above Ulriken, created by mr.h for the Hallaien campaign to encourage the US market to visit Bergen, Norway.