Luxury Travel Influencer Marketing

Having not previously worked with lifestyle influencers, this collaboration represented a ‘toe in the water’ for The Luxury Travel Book and was paired perfectly with Jenny Cipoletti, the sophisticated fashion, lifestyle, and travel writer behind Margo & Me.


Taking her audience on an adventure, Jenny documented her experience with The Luxury Travel Book, showcasing a Florentine city apartment, its central location, beautiful view, and charming interior details, and while in Tuscany, a fashion photoshoot called for a historic countryside villa in which Jenny stayed and styled with the help of TLTB's exclusive concierge services.

Over a two-week period, Jenny produced a number of in-feed posts and Instagram Stories highlighting the exceptional TLTB properties in Florence and Tuscany, Italy, as well as the concierge services and beautiful destinations. Jenny also provided creative and written content aside from social media features, in the form of two blogs posts on the Margo & Me website.

A selection of content was reposted and promoted across The Luxury Travel Book's social channels, resulting in a 5% increase in followers on Instagram, a reach of 37,000 (significant for a niche brand) and an engagement rate on Facebook of 8%—over double the long-run average. These results do not include insights from Jenny's owned channels.

The campaign also proved a success in increasing awareness, follows, and additional bookings. The average booking value is significant so just a few bookings more than covered the cost of hosting.


Imagery courtesy of Jenny and Fred Cipoletti and The Luxury Travel Book.