Travel Advertising Print Campaign | Normandy

With Brexit dominating the news agenda, Normandy Region sensed an opportunity to remind the people of Britain of their enduring ties with the region.


Client Brief:
Leading a consortium of local interest groups ranging from research and education to enterprise and investment, the client wanted to use the UK's departure from the EU as an opportunity remind the people of Britain that - no matter their position on Brexit - they will always be welcome to visit, work, study and trade.

The UK and Normandy go back a long way. We share a common heritage that dates back centuries. With this in mind, and in the context of Brexit, we were keen to celebrate the enduring ties that bind the two places together.

Inspired by an image of Nigel Farage wearing a tie of the Bayeux Tapestry, our ad challenges his reported assertion that the tie served to remind the British of “the last time Britain was invaded."

Instead, we took the view that the tapestry and his choice of neckwear had more accurately become a representation of our shared pasts and - with the prospect of it returning to the British Isles - a symbol of future cooperation and friendship between the region and the UK.

Published in The Times and Evening Standard on the day the UK officially left the EU, the ad has received a very positive response from both sides of the channel. A Twitter campaign (under the guise of @choosenormandy) continues to remind an ever-growing community of followers about the enduring ties we share.