Influencer Marketing

For a recent trip, we selected four female influencers, chosen based on their engagement, potential to drive footfall, and demographic fit, who spent a week on the islands accompanied by a videographer.


The objectives were simple: to provide the ample opportunities for our influencers to create the best content possible, and for our filmmaker to create beautiful social assets showing the sophistication of the islands as well as the raw nature.

Some of these films were posted by the influencers on their owned channels, and some were used as part of a paid media plan. By co-ordinating posting plans with the influencers and scheduling paid media to follow, we joined our organic and paid activity in a way that was as streamlined as possible.

By comparing pre and post-campaign brand reach metrics we can say that the number of people definitely exposed to the campaign rose by +248%.

It also delivered the largest % share of conversation the Cayman has ever enjoyed. Impressions and positive sentiment also reached an all-time high.