Building a luxury menswear brand

Alexandra isn’t your usual tailor. For one, she’s a woman, the first on Savile Row in fact. Driven by a desire to make the world of bespoke tailoring more personal and less intimidating, she is already responsible for dressing a whole host of high profile men in sharp-looking business attire.

The next stage in the Alexandra Wood journey is the creation of limited edition ready to wear collections.


Initial work for Alexandra Wood focussed on a review of the brand and redesign of the brand’s web presence. 

We overhauled the look to more strongly reflect the brand’s British luxury heritage, and with a clear understanding of the future direction of the business, simplified the online consumer journey, putting a greater emphasis on Ready to Wear (RTW) as well as improving the online shopping experience.

The web development process naturally involved eCommerce and e-marketing integrations and also included the application of a new brand look across email templates, product guides, packing slips and other touchpoints.  

Attracting an audience of style conscious 40+ professionals and entrepreneurs, enticing them to the online shop through a combination of paid social and pay for action tactics such as PPC, google shopping ads and email marketing, is where our efforts are currently focused.