By Trevor Heley | mrh london | 06/02/2022

niarra travel appoints mr.h


Travelling with purpose is something that we are likely to be hearing a lot more about in 2022 so we are thrilled that Niarra Travel is joining our client roster.

Founded in 2020 with support from the Oppenheimer Generations community, Niarra organises travel for high end clients to a carefully curated selection of the world's moist exceptional destinations, but with an important point of difference: the purpose is not just to make tourism sustainable but to ensure that it has a measurably positive impact – on local communities, wildlife and conservation efforts.

We are excited to be working with such a pioneering brand that will undoubtedly help to drive change across the whole travel sector.


Written by: TREVOR HELEY
In an advertising career that has spanned more years than he would ever be prepared to disclose, Trevor founded mr.h with Luis back in 2006 to focus on travel and luxury brands. On the exceptionally rare occasions when he’s not at his desk, he’ll be found waist-deep in a fishing lake. On even rarer occasions, you might even find him with a catch!