By Trevor Heley | mrh london | 17/06/2022

New advertising for Brighton College

Brighton College is the most academically successful co-ed school in the UK and arguably the most exciting and progressive one too. 

So perhaps it’s not surprising that the school’s approach to marketing stems from a conscious decision to avoid the stereotypes that dominate the sector. In a recent pitch - from which mr.h emerged victorious – the challenge was to produce a campaign that manages to transcend the usual category conventions whilst still accurately communicating the values of the Brighton brand. 

Creative Advertising Agency London

According to our new client, our approach ‘’totally repositioned how we think about things’’. 

With that vote of confidence, we are looking forward to developing the new campaign that will bring something fresh to advertising in the educational sector.

Written by: TREVOR HELEY
In an advertising career that has spanned more years than he would ever be prepared to disclose, Trevor founded mr.h with Luis back in 2006 to focus on travel and luxury brands. On the exceptionally rare occasions when he’s not at his desk, he’ll be found waist-deep in a fishing lake. On even rarer occasions, you might even find him with a catch!