Social Media for Tourist Boards from mr.h

Social media provides the potential to reach a mind-boggling number of people and, with the addition of paid social advertising, there is the benefit of using very specific targeting, enabling businesses to create content with a very specific persona in mind. Here at mr.h, we’ve worked with some fantastic brands to get their destination well and truly on the map when it comes to social media.

Social Listening

With the help of social listening software (and mr.h’s very own social media guru), we are able to dig deeper into these audience personas before even starting a campaign. It provides us with a much better understanding of their online behaviours, including what content appeals to them and the type of language they are using. This information is key when tailoring content with precision, as it ensures we are speaking to the audience in the right tone, language and on the most suitable platform.

A Big Influence

Another benefit of social listening is we can select the perfect influencers for a campaign, such as #Sheepwithaview where we identified, briefed and then invited a shortlist of high-level influencers to Norway to join the sheep on their adventures for part of this campaign.

These influencers came from as far the West Coast of the United States to participate in the shoot, capture their own material and arrange takeovers of the global and local SheepWithAView pages. mr.h’s involvement extended from providing the idea, to generating all content, managing influencers, seeding to press and other social outlets, devising the paid media strategy and being responsible for monitoring the global reach

Instagram SheepWithAView
Instagram SheepWithAView

Although the intent was to treat and reward consumers with the great content that we’d produced, the repercussions were that we received over 1,500 unique posts on #SheepWithAView!

From the beaches of Southern Norway to the mountains of Senja, we’ve had travelers in their droves contributing to the #SheepWithAView hashtag.

This in turn has only extended our reach into even broader networks and, from a brand love point of view, showcases the want and desire to engage with the campaign.

Total Reach:   63,898,796

Total Impressions:   87,812,45

Total Video Shares:   8,514,142

Total Shares:   54,528

Cayman Influencer Trips

The Cayman Islands Tourist board were keen to work with a selection of influential lifestyle and travel bloggers for an upcoming campaign and came to mr.h to overlook the project. After an initial research process, a list of ten influencers were chosen based on their creative style, writing skills and photography, social impact across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as their number of followers and the demographic (of the majority of) their followers.

Influencer 1


- High-end 'lifestyle' blogger with a primary focus on travel. Appeals to women aged 30+ with large amounts disposable income. intergrates luxury with travel. Very active on social media.


- 42.6k (social)
- 10k UMV (blog)

Strongest Platform:

- Instagram (27.4k)


Audience and approach fits Cayman very well. There's a strong emphasis on the high-end which her audience respond to, making her a great fit for the campaign.

Cayman Influencer Trips

The influencer trips were a huge success with posts from influencers providing some fantastic imagery and insights about the three Cayman Islands. These made a total of 18.2M impressions with 3.83K engagements.

posts from influencers

Client:   Cayman Islands
Campaign:  Barefoot Luxury

Designed to appeal to a core female audience and to satisfy an appetite for online video mr.h commissioned a series of short films which show a tantalising glimpses of the sort of holiday experiences that the Cayman Islands offer, enticing potential new visitors to the Cayman Luxe website. This was rolled through a paid social campaign reaching over 1 million views through Facebook and Instagram.

Following the journey of someone’s footsteps as they explore the many different luxuries of the islands, the twelve short videos and two full videos were rolled out through a paid social campaign and reached over 1 million views on Facebook and Instagram.

Impressions:  5,158,865

Reach:  1,075,356

Video Views:  1,020,203