Luxury Travel marketing with Cayman Islands

mr.h is the Cayman Islands lead agency for Europe. We have helped grow tourism to this luxurious destination every single year since our appointment.


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BRONZE, Best Campaign (under £250K), Travel Marketing Awards

Capturing The Moment

To satisfy an appetite for online video and to pique interest in holidays in Cayman we commissioned a series of short films for paid social. Designed to appeal to our core female audience, the films shot by Beast London show tantalising glimpses of the sort of holiday experiences that the Cayman Islands offer and bring potential new visitors to the website.

CaymanLuxe: Celebrating 3 of Life’s Little Luxuries

With phones now the go to device for accessing the internet, and mobile search queries exceeding those made on desktop devices, user experience on mobile is mission critical. Brands that don’t get this part of their marketing right are simply wasting their broader marketing spend.

To support the UK marketing effort mr.h was briefed to create a mobile responsive site for the Cayman Islands with the look and feel of a lifestyle blog.
Aimed primarily at affluent women aged 40+ the role of the site is to provide an inspiring landing environment for our digital campaign and a way of introducing our audience to what Cayman has to offer as a holiday destination.

Web Design and Production  - Cayman Islands
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eCRM Travel Campaign - Cayman Islands

3 of Life’s Little Luxuries

Successful brand building is often about the accumulation of small gains achieved via a process of continual improvement. 3 of Life’s little Luxuries, the theme that now unites the Cayman Islands campaign, is an example of this philosophy. As our understanding of what works for this client has deepened we have developed a very tightly focused creative and media strategy targeting affluent women who have a disproportionate influence on the choice of holiday destination.

Press Advertising - Cayman Islands

Third party promotion

Branded content, advertorial, native advertising, affinity marketing, media partnerships… the lines are somewhat blurred, but the extended reach and, potentially, higher levels of engagement that these collaborative initiatives can bring makes them important branding tools. From an agency perspective they are usually hard work, which is why so many avoid them! At mr.h we recognise the contribution that they make and we conceptualise, brief, style and help to produce many each year, mainly online, but also across other media too.

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