Tour Operator campaigns & Carrier Marketing

Working directly, or in conjunction with our tourist board clients, we have produced hundreds of retail campaigns which have helped a wide range of carriers, tour operator and hospitality brands to improve their load factors and sell more bed-nights.

Projects include:

British Airways & Cayman Islands

This co-branded campaign was created in conjunction with British Airways Holidays and The Cayman Islands to promote a range of holiday packages, with a focus on increasing booking numbers. The campaign featured our ‘’Barefoot Luxury’’ video showing tantalising glimpses of the sort of holiday experiences that the Cayman Islands offer. The ads were rolled out on Facebook with fantastic results.

During the tactical promotion British Holidays increased bookings by 144%.

Norwegian Air & Visit Norway

Norwegian and Visit Norway partner regularly to promote travel to Norway. In this campaign promoting the beautiful region of Trondheim, animated ads were targeted geographically to an audience living within a set drive time of relevant UK airports, including Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh.


Norwegian cruise company Hurtigruten wanted to increase bookings and create a data capture opportunity for future re-marketing.

The campaign ran across a range of digital platforms each performing different roles: some inspiring the audience in contextually relevant environments and others optimised towards clicks.

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