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Tasked with the challenge of positioning Northern Norway as the ultimate destination to experience the Northern Lights - and SAS as the airline that flies you there - we conceived the idea of a destination so magical that it is hard to discern fact from fiction.


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The Drum Marketing Awards - Finalist

Destination Marketing Agency
Destination Marketing Agency


Located in Northern Norway's vast aurora zone, 'Nordlys' - Norwegian for 'Northern Lights' - is in fact, a motif created by mr.h for the region as a whole; a mystical term designed to celebrate the region’s celestial beauty and its rich association with the natural light phenomena.





To bring this world to life we handpicked a team of influencers to capture and share the magic of ‘Nordlys’ via social media. A dedicated Instagram page (@visitnordlys) has quickly gathered momentum and performs the role of diverting eyes to a specially curated Visit Nordlys campaign page where captivated followers have been able to discover more about this most magical of winter destinations.

With over 10K followers on Instagram in just one month and the highest search volume in 5 years for Northern Norway, this travel marketing campaign has proved a huge success on many levels, including being nominated and making it to the finalists of The Travel Marketing Awards.




Destination Marketing Agency
Destination Marketing Agency