Destination Marketing Campaign | C’est Beau Ici

Atout France  France is the body responsible for the promotion of tourism to France. mr.h has created several high-profile campaigns for this client including 'C’est Beau Ici'. 


Press & Print Production

Digital Advertising

Website Development

Destination Marketing


Shortlisted, Best Campaign, Travel Advertising Awards

The brief behind this multi-channel campaign was to help arrest a decline in visitor numbers to Western France. Tasked to win back visitors from the traditional empty-nester segment and make the destination more attractive to younger families, we set out to create advertising that would trigger fond memories and be quintessentially French in style and tone.

Taking the film posters of Jacques Tati as our inspiration, multiple executions were devised for press, outdoor and online channels and the campaign was supported by a website, which was also designed and developed by mr.h.

mr.h also helped to develop the media strategy, working alongside the client’s media agency Havas and implemented tracking which indicated significant shifts in saliency, positive perceptions and propensity to travel.

Destination Marketing
Destination Marketing France
Destination Marketing France